You may have seen images in my wedding portfolio where I have used smoke in some images to create epic photographs. My couples buy these as props for our photoshoot and I highly recommend that you get some colour smoke and maybe also some confetti for your wedding. Trust me, these will take your wedding photos to the next level, plus its lots of fun to use. Have a look at this site, its the only place to buy them from Buy which ever ones you think you would love to have, however if you want to take my advice I have created a list below. If you only want to buy one or two items, I’d get the black and white smoke. 

  1. Buy 1-2 black smoke. Looks amazing in photos and is my favourite to date. : Black Smoke 
  2. You don’t need to but having more smoke for your bridal party to hold is fun If you want colour smoke buy a 5 pack for different colour of smoke – CS-60g 5 pack – MIXED, or buy single one of the colours you like the most – such as SINGLE SMOKE. Make sure the smoke size is 60g which gives you about 3 mins of smoke per use.
  3. Coloured Biodegradable Confetti Launcher or Gender Reveal Confetti Launcher. Is also fun to have. Check with your venue, most venues say no to these. 

Trust me on this, colour smoke is so much fun and you will thank me later once you get them. I’ll grab them off you during the morning preparation and use them during our photoshoot.

If you have any questions please call me or email. Let me know before the day which ones you got!


Kind Regards,

Luke Middlemiss