Hello lovers! I’m Luke Middlemiss.

I photograph weddings directly from the heart, for me, it is all about deep human emotion. A wedding day is also all about beautiful light and love. I am talking about that crazy head over heels in love, the kind that makes you feel full of butterflies inside. My aim is to capture that raw excitement, the joy of just being together and making an audacious commitment to each other.

I’m a full-time professional and an award winning photographer based on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. I worship life in the great outdoors and every moment I spend with my sweetheart Caitlin and my beloved pooch Roxy! Together we are one intrepid bunch who adore the sun, surf and sand. Life here is awesome and so is my chosen path. I cherish what I do and especially the couples who are ready to go that extra mile with me to capture mind- blowing images, which does take some extra effort!

I absolutely love photographing down to earth individuals who are genuinely infatuated with each other. I am all about real people and real emotion. We, humans, are amazing creatures each with their own incredible and unique stories. When two of us find each other in this crazy world and fall deeply in love and decide to get married it is a phenomenal occurrence. I am the guy who does his level best to capture this with all the honesty and the intimacy it deserves. I do not come back to you with wooden looking and uncomfortable poses but instead, I capture those magical moments of a shared glance even an awkward dance move. People want to see you having fun not feeling uneasy or looking like mannequins! I come not to “tell” the story but to listen in on yours. I am in love with light and its play upon the human form, the delight of children in awe of what surrounds them, the emotion displayed by all in attendance each with dignity and joy. Doing what I do is always an adventure send me an email and we can all do it together!

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