Frequently Asked Questions

How fast are you as far as turnaround time, weeks, months etc.?

If your wedding collection includes sneak peeks then I provide you with some sneak peek photos within 1-7 days after your wedding and the rest of your edited images within 2-4 weeks after the wedding date.  Read what brides write about my turnaround times.  I cannot begin to tell you about some of the horror stories that I’ve heard about other photographers taking months after months to get your precious moments to you.

What are you like to work with? 

My deep experience with photographing weddings allows me to remain completely relaxed and very competent with any situation I encounter especially if any kind of difficulty arises (which does occasionally happen). Above all, I remain respectful, full of energy and I get along with everyone from young – old as well as the other staff members I come into contact with during your momentous day.

How long have you been in business and how many weddings have you photographed?

I have been in the wedding industry for 15 years and have shot 900 weddings! Many of the weddings I have shot are (humility aside) truly extraordinary. I have photographed in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy and in the entrancing city of Venice. I have shot beautiful destination weddings all across Australia from the Whitsundays to the uber-chic urban centers of Melbourne, Sydney, and all across Queensland as well.

What are your tips for couples who are a little bit nervous about getting the photos? How do you get them to relax around you?

My strategy for relaxing camera-shy couples is first, (if we can) do an engagement shoot. When we do this there is fine opportunity for me and the couple to get to know each other better, not only to build a trusting relationship but to create a comfortable atmosphere when I am doing my work. Second, I’ve found that mirroring the couple’s energy level works great and I usually just up my enthusiasm level a bit more in an effort to get theirs up incrementally. If they’re shy and reserved so am I with a tad more passion. If they are energetic and adventurous then so am I, again being slightly more spirited. I always let them know that even I am not the most at ease person in having my own photograph taken. The key is being yourselves as a couple and letting the sincere emotion you feel for each other come out. The simple joy of being together and expressing that energy gets stunning results.

How do we see our photos? Online gallery available?

100%! I will provide you with an online gallery, just like this complete wedding from Kimberley and Anthony’s wedding :

Your family and friends can download any, or all of the images and even print them from here. Your online album will be both user-friendly and allow you to easily navigate throughout and make choices that you can be completely confident in.

Do you backup your images, and how do you keep our wedding photos safe?

Yes, I am one very cautious, highly competent when back up your wedding. Each camera records to two cards per camera. I take the 6 SD cards and back them up onto my computer and an external hard drive as well. I then grab the 6 cards and put them in an airtight box and place into my locked fireproof safe. Only once your wedding has been handed over and finished then erase your cards to use on another wedding.

Could you describe your style in detail?

If I was to explain my style it would be warm, emotional and adventurous. However, I always do this with a touch of glamour and I make sure to catch that sparkle in your eyes! This is what separates me from most photographers, it is not just the images themselves, but the energy that I bring to your wedding day and my willingness to provide a peak experience for you. This translates into breathtaking photography and a wonderful adventure for you on the day.

What’s your favorite part of capturing weddings?

For me, it has always been about the expression of deep emotion and captivating natural light. When it is just me and the couple doing our location photography during that window of golden glowing light as the sun’s setting I get my own goosebumps going as the now married couple stare into each other’s sparkling eyes with love and genuine devotion. There is an authenticity in those moments that seem to go in slow motion. In them is a heartfelt resonance that I simply adore.

What advice do you have for getting the most out of our wedding photography?

The most important advice I give is to number one, fully enjoy your wedding day with your beloved, your family, friends, and guests. Leave the rest to me and I will capture every moment for you. I will also send you (in advance) additional emails with further advice on what types of rooms in which to prepare for the day, appropriate backgrounds and above all natural light. You have no doubt put in a lot of time planning all the details of your monumental wedding day and my brief is also to capture and preserve all the effort you have put into this. I like to get all the precious little details and the surprise instants often missed by others. Also find out what time sunset is during your wedding and work everything from this. To get the best photos I need to be photographing you guys for 20 mins after sunset outside.

How much time do you recommend we allow for photos with our bridal party?

I find I get the best results if you allow 1.5 hours if its all at the same venue or around 2 hours of shooting if we have to drive somewhere else to get the job done. I have provide example run sheet for a wedding taking place at 3pm. Let’s say this venue is Maleny Manor. The groom gets ready 20mins drive away from Maleny Manor and the Bride gets ready at Maleny Manor. Ceremony is there as well and photos will be taken at Maleny Manor then we will drive to One Tree Hill for more images. Here is a typical run sheet:

11:00am Photographer ( Luke ) arrives at the boys preparation, 20 mins travel to the girls from here.
12:30pm Photographer arrive at Maleny Manor and photograph’s the venue and set up reception.
1:00pm Photographer ( Luke ) arrives at the girls preparation.
1:15pm Hair and Makeup is to be finished at this time please.
1:30pm Bridesmaids are to hop into their dresses.
1:45pm Bride hops into her dress now… YAY
2:00pm Portrait photos with bridesmaids and family. This is a good time to have parents here.
2:25pm Photographer ( Luke ) Leaves Bride prep and heads to your Ceremony.
2:30pm Photographer ( Luke ) arrives at Ceremony to photograph guests.
3:00pm Ceremony starts.
3:30pm Ceremony finishes.
3:30pm – 4:00pm Congratulations hugs, group photo and family photos.
4:00pm – 4:15pm Mingle with guests and have a drink. ( Great time to see your parents and loved ones ).
4:15pm – 4:25pm Bridal party photos.
4:30pm – 5:50pm Location photos at Maleny Manor, then drive 7 minutes to One Tree Hill.
5:30pm Sunset time. : 15 – 25 minutes after sunset is an absolute must time for photos. Work your day around sunset time!
6:00pm Enter Reception.
? Photographer ( Luke ) Finishes for the day. If you wish for me to stay longer I’d love to. Just let me know one the night and add $400 per hour + gst.

Why do you like shooting weddings?

As odd as it may seem, I started out as an electrician during the week and a lifeguard on weekends. I enjoyed shooting motocross enthusiasts and their extreme stunts for fun but I also wanted to make sport filming a job too. One day a wedding photographer who I didn’t know found my number on a CD and loved my motorbike video. He said to come and film a wedding for his business as you have a great eye for filming, so I filmed a wedding for him that weekend. It was the first time I went to a wedding in my life and I was filming it. It changed my life! The results so wow-ed my them that they recommended me to others and suddenly discovered something that I truly loved to do. In essence, I found my dream job one that not only makes me extremely happy but all the couples I have worked with as well. In short, I am a genuine people person. I love being around joyful people and what better way to do so than at weddings. I sincerely love capturing wonderful memories for couples and the creative challenges that it presents.

We’re a bit nervous about being photographed, having forced smiles and awkward poses, how do you handle this?

Over the years I have developed a knack for making everyone feel comfortable around me. This comes from being a sincere and genuinely fun person. Because of this my work always appears natural and full of joy for all my couples. I use a variety of little tricks to I’ve developed during my long experience to make sure everyone comes out looking like they have had the best day of their lives. I’ve developed a kind of insight that allows me to find the optimum locations in any given situation. This ability gives couples some space to be themselves and allows the love they feel for each other to come shining through.

What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?

Above all, deep experience and genuine artistry. I am, how does one put it? A worshipper of sunlight and emotions. I pursue and use this natural light as a foundation to frame deep emotion and embrace the love shared between couples. On the same hand, I capture images of your cherished family, wedding party, friends, and guests at their charming best. Whether it is a fleeting instant of a delighted child in attendance, or a beloved elder family member I bring to my work both deep abiding respect and endearing wonderment. I blend into your day and in a way, I also become a member of your wedding party. I am a natural down to earth person who never forgets why I am here and I do so with real joy because I too am having the time of my life. I scoop up the moments of your beautiful wedding knowing full well that I am creating a repository for your emotion and your lifetime. While doing so you will find me a calm, relaxed and completely professional individual fully capable of sharing in the joy your exceptional day. When you look at your wedding album or that special image you decided to have enlarged and put up on your wall as a cherished heirloom you will know that it was real emotion and true love that I captured for you in an ephemeral moment of time. Try to read some testimonials form my past brides to here what they say about me. 

What do you do if the weather on our day is bad for an outdoor wedding?

With 11 years of experience in the wedding industry, I have shot weddings in all kinds of situations and in fact, some of my best work has been under what others might consider adverse circumstances. I have multiple strategies for these less than perfect weather conditions. I consider them not as some kind of unfortunate predicament, but as a unique opportunity to capture dramatic light and through breathtaking compositions. The results are unforgettable images captured with artistry and panache.

Are all our photographs edited?

Yes, the images I photograph will be carefully edited and given to you. I comb over each and every photograph utilising the latest lightroom software judiciously applying minimal, subtle changes including cropping, adjustments to the overall color as well as sharpening and a carefully considered use of black and white as well. I keep all my images looking as natural as I can.

How do you make it fun? Wedding photos can drag on a little and some people dread them.

I am a joyful person and my photoshoots are never a drag, I dispel any dis-comfort or even dread for some by mixing things up a bit. I do this with fun little vignettes, like piggy back rides, lifting the love of your life up in the air, or even create some provocative situations. For example, imagine this, your love suddenly has to take a job elsewhere for a number of months, now you have only a few minutes together before they leave. What would you do? These types of provocations create a new situation for them to express true appreciation for their relationship and the results are magic. I also bring my speaker and play music during the photoshoot.

If we have chosen an unusual location for some or our photography do you arrange the appropriate permissions?

Rest assured that I will organize everything for you regarding permissions and locations. During the time before your wedding day arrives, we will catch up either online or meet in person (if possible) to speak to you about any concerns you may have prior to your big day whether this or anything else for that matter. Oh and I love adventure, unusual locations can result in awesome photographs!

Are all of our photographs in color or do you do any black and white?

I adore black and white photography and have a good sense of what images look their best this way. Most of the time if I make a photo black and white, I always give you the same photo in colour, This way you get the best of both, However, always feel free to speak with me about this before your wedding as I am totally open to your vision as well!

What are your top five moments in a wedding to capture? EGS: The kiss, the grand entrance, the dress before she puts it on, the makeup getting done.

There are so many precious moments in a wedding celebration however among my favorites are the intimate quiet times when no one else is about and the deep realisation that they are now a married couple sets in. They may be looking at their rings together, or staring with mile wide grins at each other. When they see one another in their wedding finest just before the ceremony is also one of those truly authentic moments of both surprise and love. Exiting the ceremony as well is very precious, a moment of both joy and a bit of relief especially that wow look they exchange. Among the most treasured are when their parents congratulate them, it remains an instant of deep fulfilling emotion.

What makes a wedding easy or hard to shoot? The venue? The couple? The light?

Every wedding like every couple is unique each brings its own challenges and opportunities to capture the spectrum of human emotion. Each one has its own demands and its moments of effortlessness.  Every wedding is a live event with many aspects totally out of anyone’s control especially the weather! Any given venue contributes greatly to the ease or difficulty of capturing momentous images. With that said adaptability has been the key to my success (and come prepared for anything). As a lover of light my vision is sensitively tuned to use it and create magic images. Whether the day is bright and sunny or full of dramatic clouds filled with rain each can be used to my advantage. However first and foremost I am there for the couple, to make them happy with full respect for them and their guests. I adore taking those gorgeous candid shots, capturing fleeting moments full of enchantment.

How many pictures do we get?

My rule of thumb is to capture approximately 50 – 100 images per hour while photographing, which I think is a great start. All of these images are fully edited too. With that said, I do tend to shoot more images. If your wedding is 8 hours plus, so roughly, multiplied by an average of 50-100 images you are looking at 600 – 800 photographs guaranteed.

As far as physical wedding albums, what is the process and how can we know what it will look like upon completion?

Together we have a series of meetings after your wedding during which I can show you our sample albums, or we can do a video call. My albums are superbly crafted using beautiful materials. The results are albums that look like works of fine art.

What type of album designs do you offer? Do you provide any assistance in creating an album?

I provide sumptuous fine art wedding albums that are both modern, thoroughly stylish and made of the finest premium materials available. And yes I will help you every step of the way when creating your unique album. I like to first create an album layout for you as a start and then invite you to view it on a large screen monitor at my studio where we can then sit together with a nice glass of bubbly (if you like) and together create your dream album. In this comfortable setting, you can ask all your questions and provide complete input on the final touches as you see fit.

Can we provide you with a shot list?

I would hope that you would trust in me enough to not provide a shot list, however please talk to me about what ever you want. I’m here for you.

Are you insured and can you provide our chosen venue with certified proof of this insurance?

I am completely insured for 20 million dollars and yes I can provide the appropriate documents if your venue requests them from me.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I currently use only the latest model professional Sony Camara’s. I have 3 x Sony A9 cameras, with all prime lens. 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and a Mavic Pro 2 Drone. Killer combination!  My camera’s are silent as well. You will not hear any camera clicks from my camera. Let me know this to you during our video meeting. I do not believe in using cheap gear and cutting corners – “Only the best for you guys”!!!!

What happens if we have to cancel our wedding, is our retainer refundable?

No, unfortunately, you will forfeit your deposit and that is because I have held your wedding date to the exclusion of others who wish that same date, however with that said your final payment (which is due one month before the wedding) will not be billed to you. I understand that sometimes exceptional circumstances can occur and while I truly sympathize with that, however, I cannot put my livelihood in jeopardy because of such.

Any special discounts available for say, off season weddings, weekdays?

Honestly guys, my pricing is amazing value therefore I can’t be offering discounts for mid week weddings. I still have the same business costs as a weekend wedding, so whats the difference. These days I actually do more weekday weddings that weekends. Crazy but true! For me to be able to give you a discount means that my weekend weddings is over priced and this is not the case. I’m fair to everyone!

Do we have to feed you at the reception?

If I am at your reception, yes (dinner would be very nice) I do require some good fuel to do an awesome job. If you can provide me with a gluten-free meal and without lactose that be great. As you can appreciate I respect your guests and I do not photograph them while they are eating during your reception. If your venue feeds me after everyone else, then you have lost over 30-50 minutes of time while everyone is eating and this will mean that I will only have less than 5 minutes to eat my meal before speeches. If however I get feed after your bridal party table, then I’ll have a chance and time to photograph your guests while they are not eating and I’ll get images of your guys mingling with them as well. – Just something to consider and maybe worth asking your venue. This has nothing to do with me getting feed before your guests, it’s all about getting the most moments/photos for you both. What ever happens, happens. I just wanted you both to be informed.

Can family and friends take pictures too?

Of course, they can, in the final analysis, though this is up to you. I do suggest you do some research beforehand into having what is called an “unplugged wedding”. My photographs look so much more natural this way without having someone block my shots with their smartphone in hand. Honestly, it is not a good look.

In trying to get to know you better could you tell us about yourself, what do you do for fun, hobbies, etc.?

I live very close to the beach on the Sunshine Coast where the opportunities to get outside and experience a life full of adventure are abundant. Thus, I lead a very active lifestyle and enjoy a variety of sports in the great outdoors. I also admit to having a deep affection for my sweetheart Caitlin and my devoted dog Roxy and all animals for that matter. I flat out love the thrill of this way of life!

Can we create a customized package?

Certainly, just let me know what it is you would like for your splendid wedding day. I can offer a variety of options that you might not have considered e.g. aerial photography.

Do you do same sex marriages?

Of course, I do. If you wish, please click on the following link and view a wonderful highlight film as an example.

How many weddings do you do a year?

In the past I have done over 90 weddings in a year however, I have scaled this back in the last couple of years. I have found that I can offer a far more personal touch and now strive to do 60 to 65 weddings per year.

We would really love to have our images published on a wedding blog or in a wedding magazine, can you help us with that?

YES, we can do this for you. We know most of the major publishers in the industry, so you’re in safe hands when it comes to getting your images to a publisher, or website that is right for you.

How far are you willing to travel?

Basically anywhere on the planet! I had a couple fly me to Italy to shoot their wedding, that was amazing.

Do you drink alcohol while you’re working?

Never. I remain a consummate professional with all of my valued couples and consider anybody who did so should find another gig!

Do you work well with other suppliers/vendors?

The wedding industry is a wonderful business to be a part of and it is one that is very close-knit with some amazing suppliers on offer. We are all here to provide the best service we possibly can, so yes, I respect and work well with all other creative wedding professionals. With 11 years in this industry, I may already know your chosen suppliers which is great. Click here to see some of my Favourite suppliers in the industry.

Do we get to keep the negatives/original images e.g. RAW?

Generally, the “RAW” files that are generated are un-use-able by you that is unless you have the necessary software to open them. For this reason, I keep all RAW files and you get all the edited images in a standard and common .jpg format. Also, note that RAW files are VERY heavy on the data side.

Who retains copyrights?

We both do. This is your wedding, so you may do whatever you wish with your images and my studio gets to use your images on our social media platforms and website unless you specifically ask me not to and I will, of course, respect your wishes however please understand that if I can’t use your images on social media and either can your suppliers then this means that you will be buying the rights to your images which will costs an extra $1,050 + gst. This happens all the time in the commercial industry, weddings is no different.

Do you ever attend the rehearsals?

Yes, if you would like me to. However, in my 15 years in this industry, I have only been to 1 rehearsal and 1 year later this wedding was canceled and never went ahead. I think it may be bad luck for me to go to rerehearsals.

What if we want everything documented is it possible to get even more images?

This is one of those time where I ask you to please trust me, I will provide you with hundreds of images and you will be delighted.

If you like to ask me more questions please call me on 0499 226 201.