Am I the right photographer for you? I hope so

My aim is to align myself with like minded couples, who are  down to earth individuals genuinely infatuated with each other. So if you feel that I am the right photographer for you by all means, please say hello today! You are correct if you cant find any pricing on my site here. I promise to send you all my information once I receive your initial enquiry. Be sure to double check your email address and phone number are correct before pressing the send button.

I also offer a photography / Cinematography packages as well if you are looking for video to. Here is a FAQ page I have put together that will answer all your questions plus an advice blog. (Trust me it’s a good read).

If for some reason you do not get a reply from me within 1 day from filling out the contact form, please try again. I’m very fast in replying to everyone so If you don’t get a email from me this means I never got the enquiry. Thank you in advance.

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Here are some places where my images have been featured as well.
Phone me on 0428 585 072 between 10am – 5pm Tuesday’s to Thursday’s
Mail things to me at PO BOX 1514 Buddina, QLD 4575