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I have 16 years of experience in photography, business, and networking, having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and photographers. I've trained numerous studios, and my portfolio includes over 900 weddings. I now offer "Ask Luke" sessions for guidance on photography, business, video production, and personal development. I offer limited-time, private one-on-one coaching sessions, including live editing and access to my portfolio of past weddings

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Kind Words

One on One Session

Flash Photography + Posing

I recently booked in and completed a 1 on 1 mentoring session with Luke. I knew I wanted to learn from the best in the business which is why I reached out to Luke and let me tell you the session was A-Mazing!

My goal was to further educate myself in all areas of Flash photography including on camera, motion blur and back lit. Luke showed up with his years of experience shooting weddings/dance floors and was even kind enough to bring his Ute which had a spray hose attachment so we could create rain and practice some back lit photos freezing rainfall.

Luke was encouraging, patient and down to earth. I felt he was enjoying the session as much as I was.I left the session on a high feeling ready to conquer my next dance floor with the confidence I was previously lacking. I 100% recommend you do a session with Luke. My photos will convince you if I haven't!

Zoom Meeting Session

"I discovered Luke's page a few months ago and I was instantly drawn to his work. Not only was it incredible, but the clients in his images were having so much fun. I reached out to him immediately for mentor sessions and I have not looked back since. He has been my go-to for help in perfecting my craft and business. He is truly down-to-earth and makes learning fun and enjoyable. He goes above and beyond in helping me as a photographer and over-delivers every time because he genuinely loves helping people. Thank you, Luke, for being the best mentor and for being a great person. If you're looking for a good mentor who is experienced, genuinely wants to help you, and is not boring, Luke is your guy! Thanks again, Luke. You're a champ!"


Whether you are an amateur photographer, a professional, or someone who just wants to improve your personal photos, I am confident that my guidance will help you to achieve new levels of excellence in your work. From color correction and grading to advanced techniques such as split-toning, I can teach you all of the processes and techniques that have helped me to establish myself as a respected expert in the field.

In today's world of photography, it can be quite a challenge to stand out amongst the abundance of photographers. However, I believe that the key to success is in mastering the art of composition. By learning how to compose an image correctly, you can create photographs that truly stand out and captivate your audience. This is a vital skill for any aspiring photographer and one that should be focused on constantly improving.


Is key

Directing couples for photos
Lighting situations
Pricing and packages
Finding your style
How do get the most emotion out of your couples
Create raving fans
Leads and sales
Equipment to use for your style and why
Dealing with suppliers
Advice on your website or social media
and heaps more....


These private, one-on-one sessions afford you the opportunity to inquire about any aspect of your workflow, post-processing, backup systems, or my methods for handling a wedding day. I will be transparent and candid in sharing my daily practices, and welcome the opportunity for you to glean insights from my experience.


30 minute session - $500 + gst

1 hour session - $950 + gst


The personal workshop is a 1 on 1 experience with me, on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. I can cover everything you need to know, and even do a live photographing session if you want to organise a couple.


30 minute session - $650 + gst

1 hour session - $1250 + gst



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