Elopements starting from $2,100 + gst

Weddings starting from $4,890 + gst

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I have teamed up with Sean Harman, who is QLD top wedding film maker. You can add video to any packages that I offer or you can get our combined photo and video collection.

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The extras I offer are items such as Aerial Photography, Silent photography shooting, Wedding albums, slideshow, family shoot, stop motion and togetherness sessions.

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I’d love to send you my pricing collections so you can look them over in your own time at home. Once I receive your initial enquiry from my contact page, you’ll be then be sent my pricing. 



What are you like to work with?

My deep experience with photographing weddings allows me to remain completely relaxed and very competent with any situation I encounter especially if any kind of difficulty arises (which does occasionally happen). Above all, I remain respectful, full of energy and I get along with everyone from young to old and with all the other staff members I come into contact with during your momentous day. I have been to well over 450 since 2008.


I am a joyful person and my photo shoots are never a drag, I dispel any dis-comfort or even dread for some by mixing things up a bit. I do this with fun little vignettes, like piggy back rides, lifting the love of your life up in the air, or even create some provocative situations. For example, imagine this, your love suddenly has to take a job elsewhere for a number of months, now you have only a few minutes together before they leave. What would you do? These types of provocations create a new situation for them to express true appreciation for their relationship and the results are magic. I also bring my speaker and play music during the photoshoot.

We’re a bit nervous about being photographed, having forced smiles and awkward poses, how do you handle this?

Over the years I have developed a knack for making everyone feel comfortable around me. This comes from being a sincere and genuinely fun person. Because of this my work always appears natural and full of joy for all my couples. I use a variety of little tricks to I’ve developed during my long experience to make sure everyone comes out looking like they have had the best day of their lives. I’ve developed a kind of insight that allows me to find the optimum locations in any given situation. This ability gives couples some space to be themselves and allows the love they feel for each other to come shining through.

How many pictures do we get?

My rule of thumb is to capture approximately 50 – 100 images per hour while photographing, which I think is a great start. All of these images are fully edited too. With that said, I do tend to shoot more images. If your wedding is 8 hours plus, so roughly, multiplied by an average of 50 100 images you are looking at 600 – 800 photographs guaranteed.

Are you insured and can you provide our chosen venue with certified proof of this insurance?

I am completely insured for 20 million dollars and yes I can provide the appropriate documents if your venue requests them from me.

We would really love to have our images published on a wedding blog or in a wedding magazine, can you help us with that?

YES, we can do this for you. We know most of the major publishers in the industry, so you’re in safe hands when it comes to getting your images to a publisher, or website that is right for you.

Do you work well with other suppliers/vendors?

The wedding industry is a wonderful business to be a part of and it is one that is very close-knit with some amazing suppliers on offer. We are all here to provide the best service we possibly can, so yes, I respect and work well with all other creative wedding professionals. With 11 years in this industry, I may already know your chosen suppliers which is great. Click here to see some of my Favorite suppliers in the industry.