I took Tamara and Tom all the way up Emu Mountain on the Sunshine Coast to have some fun with each other, and that we did. Running up mountains, hugging, kissing and all the lovely dovey stuff. Im looking forward to their wedding in 2020. Thank you for the fun times guys.

What did Tamara say about our photography session?

Since before Tom and I were even engaged I’ve had my eye on Luke’s photography. He had previously photographed my cousin’s wedding in 2014 and I fell in love with her wedding photo’s. In the search to find a wedding photographer for our very own wedding, I came across plenty of lovely  photos from an array of different photographers but none that captured what Luke does. Having fallen in love with his work from a few years ago, the decision was a no-brainer! Our engagement shoot was an amazing experience, especially considering we were both a bit anxious about being in front of a camera. But everything was so relaxed, Luke knew exactly what he was doing, all we had to do was enjoy the ride. He’s so passionate about his work but still looks like he’s having an absolute ball in the process. It was a pleasure to meet him and see his work first hand and we can’t wait for him to photograph our wedding in 2020!’Thank you again so much Tamara & Tom