Wedding Dress

"A wedding dress is both an intimate
and personal for a woman. It must reflect
the personality and style of the bride".
- Carolina Herrera

Choosing a wedding dress is a very individual experience and is an opportunity for brides to express their fashion personality, after all, your wedding day is the biggest fashion moment of your life! Choose a gown that reflects your style and taste rather than opting for something you or someone else thinks you should wear. In a nutshell try and choose your wedding dress that allows you to move freely and easy to walk in. The reason for this is because I love to capture the both of you moving, walking in fields or forests or on beaches. Your dress is going to get a it dirty, ( just a little ).

The best advice I can give you is to be prepared to move around and walk a lot in your wedding dress. For me to photograph both of you in amazing locations, that means we need to get there somehow. This means walking, yes I said walking. The reason most of you book me to photograph your wedding is that you love how raw, fun and natural my images look. For me to achieve those fun moments I’ll need lots of movement with you guys! Running, walking, holding hands, hugs, lifts, swinging around and even sitting down. I love stunning wedding dresses however I get more excited when my brides can move in them and still look amazing! Be sure to let your dress designer know that you would love a comfortable, showpiece and the lightweight dress is the key.

Last advice on this page I’d like to say it’s a good idea getting a tan for your wedding day.