Love among the pines!

Join Whitney and Adam as they enjoy a day of frolic and celebration of their recent engagement in the pine forests of the Sunshine Coast. Clearly in love they display an exuberance and elation that is simply infectious. With a spectacular and secluded natural background they are free to be themselves and express their profound affection for each other without reservation. This will be an engagement shoot for them to remember filled with the beauty of verdant woods and bathed in the golden light of the setting sun. Photographing them at ease was an overwhelming joy and an experience they shall remember for many a day to come.

Their history is unique in that after three years as friends a deep and abiding connection grew bringing them together as a couple destined to be together. It was only after this that they realized the coincidence of attending the same University some years before. Destiny? Perhaps, regardless they will soon be married at the delightfully gorgeous Maleny Retreat located in the Sunshine Coast’s picturesque hinterland. We look forward to their wedding day which will be a truly blissful occasion replete with adoring family, treasured friends and a jubilant wedding party.