Why should I provide confetti for my wedding!

Your confetti shot is usually the most natural and fun photo taken on your wedding day. You can get all your wedding guests involved in your confetti moment, especially the children! Throwing confetti always brings a smile to your guests faces too! Showering a newly married couple with confetti is a custom that dates back to ancient times when people threw handfuls of grain or rice over the bride and groom. This was a symbolic ritual to demonstrate their hope that the union would be fruitful. Although this gesture of collective happiness may have lost its symbolism, it still sums up the joyful spirit of the day.

The Italian word “confetti” describes confectionery but specifically refers to ‘sweetmeats’, that is grains or nuts covered in sugar, that are thrown over the newlyweds. Later, rice became popular and is still sometimes used today but has been largely replaced by small pieces of coloured paper.

More recently, with some ceremony sites not allowing confetti because of the problem of cleaning up afterwards, confetti has been replaced with more environmentally friendly options such as wedding bubbles, and rose petals. The good news is bio-degradable confetti is now available. It dissolves in water and can be either cleaned up by hosing away or letting nature take its course.

These days, wishing the happy couple good luck doesn’t have to be such a messy affair. Several alternatives to confetti are available.

You can tailor your confetti to your wedding colours, making sure even your finishing touches match your colour scheme and fit with your theme. Here at Shropshire Petals we offer an online pick and mix tool that allows you to mix your perfect petals to make your unique biodegradable throwing confetti.

Most venues nowadays ask for you to use biodegradable petal confetti, as it’s eco-friendly, doesn’t harm the environment and so if you don’t plan ahead of time you might find your guests could bring some confetti that they might not be able to throw. Birdseed is an environmentally-friendly option if you are getting married outdoors. Make sure you find a wild birdseed that is suitable for birds that are native to the area. The best part is, you won’t have to clean it up after the ceremony!

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