sicker than your average


sicker than your average

Let’s talk about the DJs for a moment. Sure your cousin, nephew or little brother can “DJ”, however I am concerned specifically with weddings which are singular events that should not be left to amateurs and this is where Aaron comes in – Cut a Rug DJ MC.

He is a consummate professional with years of experience and a genuine MC. He is the man you want to keep a dance floor on fire and knows when to cool it down with wicked good humour. I have been to hundreds of weddings and watched the DJ fall flat on his face and guests who cringe with terror at the choices they make. Your choice of a DJ/MC can make the night exciting or drive your guests and family out the door. Aaron is not a prima donna, nor is he aloof, he knows how to listen and respects the requests of others and when not to which is equally important. Never tank a dance floor to honour a request.

Website: Cut a Rug
Photographer: Luke Middlemiss