The Weather

Rain makes for one-of-a-kind wedding photos!
- If you've ever seen wedding photos captured in
the rain then you know exactly what
we're talking about.

I’ve actually had couples book me because of my previous rain photographs and they knew if it does rain I will be the photographer for them. If it rains on your wedding day, just embrace it. You have two choice, complain about the weather or enjoy the day with family and friends. I know which one I would pick. Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky right, well I don’t really believe in that. However what I do believe is that you will get spectacular photograph’s to show off your day that you can’t get in sunny days.

Some say it’s supposed to represent the last tears the bride will shed for the rest of her life, but those of us who are married know that one is bunk. Remember this, you are getting married. In the grand scheme of things, the rain will be something that won’t matter down the road, so embrace it.

“Luke’s work is 100% magical! It poured rain on our wedding day and Luke worked his magic and captured some truly stunning photographs! I can’t thank you enough you are worth every cent and more! If you are looking for the one who knows his way around a camera go with this guy you won’t regret it! You are an absolute champ! I felt like you would have fitted right into our crazy family! Thanks so much for the mint photos we will treasure them forever! Also thanks for making it so easy to be comfortable with you and thanks also for taking us on a great photography adventure. PS: “You’re a fucking legend” quote from Robert” – Jodie and Robert.