I always find that my couples really benefit from having an engagement shoot, as they then feel a lot more relaxed, comfortable and confident about the photography on their wedding day. This leads to even better photos on the day itself, trust me! So, while you may feel a bit unsure about doing an engagement shoot, it actually will be a really worthwhile investment of your time, and you will definitely enjoy it once you get into it!

“Andrew and I looked at a number of photographers but we’re drawn to Lukes enthusiasm, his photographer style.  We had heard from other friends that they found it so incredible valuable to have an engagement shoot with their wedding photographer first. Let me tell you they were right! Our engagement shoot with Luke was fantastic! We were able to get to know Luke on a deeper level, find out how he works and more importantly let him know how incredibly nervous we were about being in front of the camera. From the start Luke made Andrew and I feel so comfortable, it was almost like we were just having some fun on the beach and having a casual conversation with Luke. I cannot stress how glad we both were that we did the engagement shoot with Luke and once we received those photos, well we knew we had definitely found a winner! The day of our wedding quickly rolled around and the energiser bunny Luke was raring to go. He’s someone who brings so much energy and magic to every photo. He knows exactly where the best angles and light are and how to capture such artistic shots with the slightest movements and equipment. We received so many compliments from our guests about Luke, from how lovely and comfortable he made everyone to how well he worked with our videographer (who Luke had never previously worked with, but guests thought they had worked together for years). Reliving that day when we received the photos brought tears to our eyes. Luke does such a fantastic job and there is absolutely no one else I would recommend – he is seriously a photography genius!” – Andrew + Mel.


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