Maleny Manor Wedding Photographer Hinterlands.

Melinda and Andrew chose an especially spectacular day to have a wedding at Maleny Manor. The setting for this gorgeous celebration was exquisite and the couple absolutely stunning. With their beloved family, friends and a stylish wedding party, their day was filled with deep and authentic emotion. The looks on the faces of everyone tells the tale of this joyful marriage in a way that is simply heart-warming. We are also treated to some captivating images with beautiful hinterland views that take your breath away. Even the clouds that appeared later in the day added to the dramatic sunset making the images of this lovely couple truly memorable. Their evening reception was a fun filled celebration and the photographs captured at night were deeply romantic. Venue : Maleny Manor

“I was very nervous when it came to selecting a photographer, as I was putting a lot of power (and money) into a stranger’s hand. It was probably one of the most hardest tasks of wedding planning.
What we have found with Luke, is a genuine, professional person, who obviously loves his craft. His energy is infectious and he commits wholeheartedly during the shoot. If you are down to earth, and want some organic, beautiful and fun pictures, you won’t be disappointed.” – Melinda + Andrew