Family Photos

"Family is everything"

The wedding family photos (also known as the ‘formals’, or ‘family portraits’) are a necessary part of your wedding day that are usually quite tedious.

As I won’t be familiar with all the faces involved in your group photos, it’s important to organise a helper who can round everyone up and call out names if possible. Before your wedding I will also get you to fill out a family list.

The helper is usually one of the bridal party, or even a close friend who is not involved in the group portraits. You’ll have to nominate this helper when you fill out my wedding questionnaire.

Whilst we don’t want them to be yelling out orders, it’s probably best if the helper does have a loud voice! It’s like herding cows…. hahah ( sometimes ).

I also use my drone for family photos if you have added the drone to your wedding collection and I highly advise bringing your pets to your wedding day.