This is a love shoot that you’d want to look at all of the images right till the last one. Let me start off by thanking The Old Dairy Maleny for allowing us to use their property to shoot most of the photos at. So to explain this shoot I must inform you all that Courtney and Will and married have been for a long time. I’m calling this session a “LOVE SHOOT”. Over the past years, I have actually photographed Courtney on two separate shoots as she is a model and fitness coach. Will, on the other hand, is just a guy in love and together wanted some photos expressing the fun and romantic touch they have for each other. I must warn you, the photos get pretty sexy especially in the bathtub and sauna.
*Please note every image was taken at their own will and they absolutely love them. Enjoy.

Venue : The Old Dairy
Hair and Make up : Bella Brides


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