Wedding Shoes

"Life is short, your heels shouldn’t be"!
– Brian Atwood

For some brides, finding the perfect wedding shoe is equally exciting as falling in love with the perfect wedding dress. For other brides, finding a solid wedding shoe is as simple as considering comfort knowing that you will be wearing them for a solid 15+ hours (think about that!). My advice is to get the perfect shoe that suits your style, however please have a back up plan incase the weather turns from sunny to rain. Some of my past brides didn’t care to much about getting there Jimmy Choo wet for rain photos while other brides love them to much to get a little bit of dirt on them. One thing you need to understand is that for me to get the best wedding photographs for you, we will need to walk and sometimes get dirty. One of the last things a bride wants to think about is what happens if it rains on your wedding day! But the truth is that the more you prepare for this situation, the happier you will be if it does happen. I have photographed over 70 weddings in the rain in the past 10 years and the best advice I have for you is to have some gumboots and or a cheaper pair of comfy shoes as a backup OR go barefoot. You will be more willing to go out in the rain for photos because you won’t mind stepping on wet grass or sand as much as you would in heels. Lastly, It’s a great idea to buy some heel stoppers so you don’t lose your shoes to paddocks, crackers in the road and sand.

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