A Day to Remember with Luke as your wedding photographer!

To all those couples in crazy stupid love on the verge of making one of their greatest commitments of their lives.

Having couples who are deeply in love and openly show it with authenticity and honesty is a great delight for me. Deep smiles and the sparks of passion make for radiant images and this is what drives me to photograph weddings. Adventurous fun loving people who like to take creative risks achieve some wonderful results. I am there to be a friend as well and am always thrilled to be part of your day.

As a wedding photographer, I capture all the affection and pure emotion of your celebration with epic images you can treasure for all your days together. When you look at your photographs you are transported back to those moments where you feel totally loved, cared for and very beautiful both inside and out. Over the past 10 years, I’ve shot over 450 hundred weddings and have learned a thing or two which I’d like to share with you. My advice is freely given and valuable for couples planning a wedding and for those who’ve booked with me.


Congratulations you’re now engaged and are planning an awesome wedding. Before anything, I would highly recommend that we have an engagement shoot for a number of reasons. The engagement shoot really is an important part of my job.  I consider it a “Get to Know You” session because I get to spend time with you both and capture great images as well.  We leave not only having made some beautiful images but also knowing that we have become friends.  This creates a higher level of comfort during the wedding day, as I am now a familiar and friendly face along for the ride on your wedding day.  This type of session can be as relaxed or as formal as you wish.  I prefer to take both approaches by going to select natural locations e.g. gorgeous beaches, magical forests, dramatic mountain, parks, then essentially getting glamour shots of you guys.  I recommend you wear clothing that is fun, reflects your personal style and suits the surroundings. Most of all I want to have fun!

Sunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom prep

Now let’s talk about those special preparation photos for bride and groom in the morning.

In real estate, it is all about location, location, and location. This same could be said for capturing stunning wedding preparation photographs. Gorgeous backgrounds are a key element in making your images amazing!

Before deciding on the best location consider the following, check in advance that your chosen location/venue has a beautiful bridal suite to do so in. Look at current photos of the space. Lighting is all important, big windows, well-lit reception areas enhance your images with a natural look.

There are a lot of things you can do to make the day a splendid one regardless of your budget and style. It is important that the dress you choose as a bride should flatter you and your body type above all else. We are who we are and all of us are beautiful in our own way.

Among some easy things that you can do to improve your images is to make sure that you are not showing distinct tan lines in your images. Consider having your teeth whitened beforehand for those close-ups with sparkling pearly whites! Like Mum said, always brush your teeth especially before I start shooting. These are not things I can Photoshop out. Actually, I don’t use Photoshop because my images are 100% natural and show exactly how it was on your day.

I have shot some out of this world wedding photographs in locations that are breathtaking right down to the preparation areas. However, if you are doing your preparations in a domestic setting you may need to take this information onboard. These types of settings may not be the best place for you to get ready for what is a once only event unless there is spectacular light coming into the rooms from outside and the backdrop is pristine!

With all that said, all you need to remember is to have beautiful big windows so the light from outside shines on you. Trust me on this!

Sunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerA Day to Remember with Luke as your wedding photographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerA Day to Remember with Luke as your wedding photographer


I am the proverbial fly on the wall and I let your ceremony flow without being in sight. Enjoy yourselves on your wonderful day, I’ll be sure to photograph all of your family, friends, and guests capturing all the grand moments with excellent timing along with those fleeting precious instants that often go unnoticed like a momentary caress, the look on a child’s face. Speaking of timing, having a schedule that leaves enough time for you not to be rushed in the morning is a must for the rest of the day to run smooth. But please don’t worry, I will give you all the advice and timing needed for suppliers as hair and make up to be finished. You’re in safe hands with me! My advice for family photos is very simple. Make sure you feel in the family list I provide with with first names and send this list to the people who are going to be in the photos. I’ve been to many weddings where the important people walk of after your congratulations only to then hold up the family photos because you are then waiting for them to come back. And trust me, this is when you will get most stressed during your wedding. So before your wedding, tell the important loved ones to stay around for the photos.

Sunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding Photographer


Keeping it real! My mission is to capture epic romance in a way that is completely intuitive, authentic and raw. The best advice I can give is to just be you, forget about me and trust that I will photograph you in the best possible lighting and in enchanting locations.

Revel in your unforgettable wedding to each other, whisper sweet nothings and let the smiles flow, kiss and hug, have fun – this is the day you’ve dreamed of. Your joy will come through in your faces and the sparkle in your eyes the results of which are the beautiful images that I will capture.

The more interaction between our stars (you the couple) the more amazing the photography will be. All you need to do is look into your lover’s eyes and enjoy the touch of each other! I will take photographs of the bridal party and any other group shots at the start of the session then concentrate on you the couple during the best light which is 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunset. So please make sure you enter your reception at least 40 minutes to 1 hour after sunset if you want the best images possible from me.

A Day to Remember with Luke as your wedding photographerLuke Middlemiss PhotographySunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerLuke Middlemiss PhotographySunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerSunshine Coast Wedding Photographer


Lighting and styling are key for gorgeous looking receptions. You want to be able to dim the lights for eating and mingling with family and friends then be able to turn up the lights just enough for people speaking and your first dance. If you can manage it, always have a real DJ or live band/musician, never just whack a digital music player into the house system for your music. A true DJ knows how to work the crowd, timing is everything when people are involved and the same goes for a live performance. Consider staging a fake exit while folks still have the energy! Some of your older guests might not be up as late as you. Working in some sparklers is an epic way to exit. Perhaps after the cake, first dance or bouquet and garter toss then let the party begin. I can leave sooner as you do not need me until 2:00 am taking a lot of repetitive dancing photos.

Maleny Retreat WeddingsA Day to Remember with Luke as your wedding photographerSunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

And finally, when all is said and done you will have your memories and the images I capture. These images will come from a magical spectator’s point of view. You cannot be out of yourselves, leave it to me to show you how you looked and the joy you’ve experienced on this unique day. My photography will reveal untold moments that will both surprise and enthrall you with emotion, authenticity in a completely uncontrived way.

If you wish to know more, click here to view my Frequently Asked Questions.

Regards, Luke Middlemiss